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Suzanne's Retreats are known for being professional and relaxing.  She has a way of bringing people together, creating an atmosphere and connecting people in an authentic way. Suzanne can also take the lead and create a Retreat day or weekend for you or your company.  You provide your objectives and Suzanne will do the rest.  For more information, contact Suzanne.

"Another amazing retreat, Suzanne!  I put high expectations on the outcome of every retreat you facilitate and you never fail.  There is always a sense of peacefulness, calm and inner quietness when the time is over.  Thank you again!"  M.H.  

Suzanne, you make everyone feel as if the whole point of the weekend is "their" being "there."  You always have time for everyone.  I don't know how you do it."  G.Y.  

"Suzanne is such a pro - leading our retreat with such ease and imagination, stimulating our minds into self awareness and planning."  E. C. 

"The one thing that makes each retreat a success is you.  You are sensitive to the individual needs of us all.  Your positive attitude, your love of live, your ability to convey that you care about everyone and are interested in everyone.  I feel as though my whole world has been nurtured, tended to and pampered.  Another amazing retreat, Suzanne." C.M.

"Suzanne is a very caring, inspiring, empathetic, well organized leader."  L.K.

"Suzanne is very decisive, but flexible.  Her combination of energy and enthusiasm was max and her relaxed attitude is reassuring.  The retreat was a great combination of physical activity, socialization, friendship and introspective mental exercises."  D.M. 


Suzanne Conroy

President & Leadership Coach