The Coronavirus has impacted the whole world.  From our global economy to the way we grocery shop, and what seems like everything in between, this pandemic has created serious shifts in the way we think, feel, and how we behave--as our own selves and with each other.  We are contending with blurred lines between home and work, uncertainty of the present and the future, overwhelming and continuous change, which is causing a ripple effect of stress and emotional strain on ourselves and our employees.  

The good news: you have responded proactively and with efficiency to the physical and social demands of this pandemic.  For ourselves and our employees, you have implemented such measures as physical distancing, PPE protocol, and a physical change in the workplace itself.  We know the rules, and (for the most part) we follow those rules to keep us all safe.  Now, it is time to point the flashlight on the emotional and mental demands that you and your employees have endured throughout this pandemic: burnout, worry, stress, disengagement, and a mental fatigue that is almost indescribable.  

While you may not feel in control of what happens out "there," you absolutely can control what happens within your own self.  There is a need more than ever for a proficient space to talk about these ongoing issues you and your staff are feeling and facing every day to create a plan in moving forward.  You can create action, synergy, and a new engagement.  

Humans have such a grand capacity to rise out of adversity, but we can't do it alone.  

My role as a leadership coach is to listen and ask those important and skilled questions to elicit new thoughts--to introduce to you an enlightened way of thinking. These conversations will be unlike any others. 

I will present solutions to give clarity and focus, which will empower you, your team, and the people around you in order to move forward in a safe and successful way.


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Suzanne Conroy

Certified Leadership Coach