Executive Coaching

As an executive than you are already a high performers and influencer.  You have built success for yourself and others around you.  You have made a difference, a big difference.  You are at the top of your game.  Adding in Executive Coaching will bring out your inner voice and create clarity.  Coaching is intentional results orientated conversation that keeps inspired, connected to yourself and always moving forward.  

COVID-19 has pushed all leadership boundaries.  High level leaders - you - are dealing with unprecedented change, decision making and disruption, not only at work but with your own personal life too.  You are the mastermind - but you are human too.  And noone should ever go it all alone.  Yes, you have your staff and leadership team, but there are some thoughts and ideas that you want to unfold on your own.  This is where leadership coaching comes in.  These conversations create a pivotal shift, eliciting whats in your mind and allow you to process your thoughts on a new level.  Leadership coaching creates insights, allows you to flush out ideas privately, keeps you grounded, clear and moving forward.

COVID-19 Executive Coaching Added Outcomes: 

  • silent partnership (with your Coach)
  • new leadership ideas and structure though this pandemic
  • time to talk about you - what you want - what you need for home - and how to move forward in your whole life in this pandemic - not just work


Executive Coaching Outcomes:

  • Unlocked potential 
  • Experience self from a new vantage point 
  • See others in new perspectives
  • Leveraged existing strengths
  • Uncovered blind spots
  • New structures to connect to
  • Strengthened relationships with team (and often family)
  • Achieved development objectives
  • Job and life satisfaction 
  • Often unexpected personal growth and development

In addition, Suzanne will help to develop your personal vision, mission and values as well as the revisit and potentially rework the company vision, mission, values, beliefs and culture code.  

Coaching is the norm and an expected practice in many companies for executives and often for the staff too.   Executive coaching has endless possibilities.  Coaching with executives is designed to create new ideas, thoughts, insights to keep you moving forward, engaged and hungry for more.   A reminder that the coach isn't the expert on what you do.  They are the expert on bringing out the best in you.  

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Suzanne has been my leadership coach for over 10 years. She has been someone that I can talk to and confide in during the peaks and valleys in business and in raising a family. She pulls the answers and solutions out of me and has me commit to taking action. Suzanne is also a wonderful person who is kind, honest and driven. I interviewed five different coaches, as I'm very particular, and I'm very grateful that I selected Suzanne!

Lisa Mercanti-Ladd
Owner & VP, Southbrook Golf Course, Beechwood Golf Course, Radius Restaurant


Suzanne Conroy

Certified Leadership Coach