Suzanne Conroy

Certified Leadership Coach
Creator of The LIVE IT Method

Suzanne Conroy is a Certified Leadership Coach, creator of #theLIVEITmethod, owner of LIVE IT Leadership and currently studying for her Master of Education in Educational Leadership.  Suzanne is an expert on building synergistic corporate culture and eliciting ownership in the hardest to reach.  Suzanne has been building resiliency and vision since the start of this pandemic.  

"I appreciate all that I do in the workplace, in working with executives and in my private practice.

  • I appreciate the people I have the privilege of working with

  • The change I get to be a part of

  • The birds eye view of a company and its people and eliciting greatness in all

  • Building new structures - this is vital.  For those who work with me hear me say this everyday "High performers create structure and high performers follow structure." 

  • Watching every single person shift in their thinking and mastery of themselves 

  • Seeing and hearing feedback about people taking full ownership of themselves and their behaviour 

  • Listening to language, thoughts and ideas expand and take on a new presence and impact

COVID-19 19 has added pressure and created overwhelm (along with so many other feelings).  We have choice and opportunity.  Together we can choose to move forward, build new structures and find new, productive, and fulfilling ways of being through this pandemic.

We are resilient - and when we work together, magic happens.  Schedule an intro call with Suzanne


Suzanne Conroy

Certified Leadership Coach