The LIVE IT Method

The LIVE IT Method serves as the undercurrent of all my work. I created this framework for my clients (and myself) to develop leadership with clarity, structure and ownership. 

Self Leadership is your ability to masterfully lead yourself. It means knowing who you are, that you are self aware and understand your behaviours. Self Leadership is positively communicating with yourself. It is being able to identify your inner critics, knowing where they came from, your triggers, what the real truth is and silencing them. It’s knowing your values and having the ability to connect back to them when making fast and efficient decisions. Self leadership is making choices in self care (emotionally, physically and spiritually) that supports the way you want and deserve to live. Self leadership is having a clear vision and purpose and taking ownership and responsibility for yourself.

Leadership of Others is knowing how to get the most out of people; at home, at work, and at play. It means inspiring and eliciting greatness in people everywhere.This is where you delegate, mentor, influence and take responsibility for the growth of others. Leadership of Others is the clear and effective way you communicate and realize your capacity and ability to empower the people around you.

We are full of limitless possibilities; we are limitless in our learning and our growth, and this ebbs and flows into the 2 sides of our person...

The impact we make on ourselves and the impact we make on others.


Suzanne Conroy

Certified Leadership Coach