Workplace Coaching

Its all about culture here.  Every employee like a cog on a wheel and if just one is bent it's not going to turn properly.  When many are bent its a breakdown at the side of the road.   Companies will go through good times and bad times.  Workplace coaching will ensure that your employees take ownership of keeping their personal cog clean, efficient and moving forward.  Every workplace is made up of multiple personality types with varying backgrounds.  Its virtually impossible that in a large group that culture won't need assistance to keep everyone moving in the same direction.  We know we can't do it alone.  

Do you have employees that have not reached their potential?
Is your staff stressed/overwhelmed?
Do your employees have a heavy workload?
Has your team recently grown?
Do you have processes in place to keep your employees connected and productive?

Key Areas of Focus of Workplace Coaching with LIVE IT Leadership
1.  Cultivate your superstar employees and the ones you believe could be superstars. 
2.  Solve key issues - ie:  corporate culture that you're not proud of, communication breakdown, struggles within teams, personality conflicts, stressful workload, etc.

"High performers follow structure and high performers create structure."  ~suzanne

Workplace Coaching includes an in depth look at the following.

  • Self-awareness
  • Relationship Building
  • Communication Skills 
  • Structure and process development 
  • Developing talent 
  • Leading through all types of change
  • Vision and purpose development
  • Performance
  • Building quality teams
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Decision making
  • Mentoring 
  • Succession and legacy planning 
  • Company Culture

Connect with Suzanne  with goals and objectives of the company and we will develop a proposal with options, costs and timeframes.‚Äč

Past and Present Corporate Clients:
Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice 
Chartwell Retirement Residences
Gelderman Landscape Services
Exotic Woods
Garden City
Arrow Automotive
CLE Capital - Hitachi
Fletcher and Associates 
Hamilton Wentworth District School Board
Interval House 
Chedoke Hospital - Camp Dawn
City of Hamilton 
Southbrook Golf and Country Club

A leadership coach creates a powerful ripple effect in the organization.  
Leadership Coaching brings long lasting positive change for the individual, the team and the organization as a whole.  


Suzanne Conroy

Certified Leadership Coach